body odour: why do i smell?

que sera, sera,

whatever will be will be;

we cannot stop sweating,

que sera, sera.


rings familiar?

you are not alone, my dear.

especially when it’s hot and humid,

oh, how much we sweat!

a smart sensor is what

your body is like.

when it senses you’re overheating,

sweat flows,

to control your temperature.

thank you, sweat.

you are pure, you do not smell.

but when bacteria from my apocrine glands

break down the fat and oil

in you, sweat,

these smaller fatty acids -

they smell!

now, I smell like onion,

now, I smell like cheese.

yes, it’s embarrassing,

yes, my confidence fades.

so I turn to antiperspirants,

and also to perfume.

but, wait a minute -

aluminium, triclosan, parabens -

what are they doing in them?

wait, wait -

there are many, many more.


now, the fear of them keeps me up at night,

and then I spring up when morning comes,

and resolve to change things up.

i will say yes to safer ingredients:

like coconut oil,

like tapioca starch,

like diatomaceous earth,

and all the wonderful essential oils,

one from the orchards of Italy.

soak up my sweat,

as best as you can,

so there is little to break down.

and neutralise my odour

with the natural, cold-pressed oils.

yes, I will say yes,

to going au naturel,

and say bye

to all the nasties.

que sera, sera

whatever will be will be

i will still sweat

but now, i can change something

que sera, sera


(main image: insider)

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