how to choose a good moisturiser?

choosing a good moisturiser is really important as it will be your ally in your fight against dull, dry and sensitive skin. the age-old question is, how do I pick a good moisturiser?

the basics when it comes to choosing a good one is that it has to contain a humectant, like glycerin, to draw moisture from the air into your skin. it should also contain occlusives and emollients like butters and oils, to repair the skin barrier function and form a protective barrier against irritants and moisture loss.


of course, if ceramides are added, that moisturiser ranks a notch higher. if you have sensitive skin, ensure that it contains only ingredients safe and gentle on the skin and, ideally, as natural as possible.

honest & gentle's award-winning anti-itch moisturising lotion contains ceramides and menthol to strengthen your skin barrier as well as relieve itch.


let's look at two other factors that can help you in choosing a suitable moisturiser:


1) your skin type

applying body moisturizer on dry normal sensitive skin


if you have normal to fairly dry skin, and would like a light moisturiser that is quickly absorbed, consider using a moisturising lotion. lotions contain a higher water content as compared to creams.

however, if you have extremely dry skin, consider using a thicker cream. what’s not so pleasant about creams is that they are not as easily absorbed and may linger a little longer on the skin. to cater to those of us with really dry skin, we are in the midst of designing a moisturising cream that is both effective and provides a great skin feel, so you can enjoy the end-to-end experience.



2) your climate 

different climates temperate hot humid temperature

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which part of the world you reside in can also affect which moisturiser is better for you. if you have extremely dry skin but you live in a humid climate, it could be very uncomfortable to have a film of oil on your body for hours on end. you may worry about the oil staining your clothes or you may not be able to move freely, for fear it would stain the things you touch and because it just feels so sticky. yes, it is a sticky situation.


such discomfort may raise stress levels, which may in turn aggravate your skin condition, according to Dr Stephanie Munn. as such, picking a lighter lotion may be a better choice, which is easily absorbed and you can reapply as frequently as you wish to.


conversely, if you are living in a dry climate, you might desire something that is more lasting on the skin which offers greater physical protection against the harsh weather conditions (i.e. the oil film). using a thicker cream, ointment or balm might then offer you a greater peace of mind.


for some people, they only experience dry patches here and there. if you are one of them, you might opt for a different approach - using body lotion for the most part, and applying a cream or balm on just those areas that are drier or sensitive. ultimately, it is your personal preference that counts.


natural skincare sensitive dry skin artisanal


if you have not made the switch to natural skincare, be sure to check the list of ingredients and see if there are the harmful parabens and sulphates or synthetic fragrances. these are harsh ingredients which may irritate your skin.


for those who are already using natural skincare, check the quality of oils used (cold-pressed are the best) and if the moisturiser contains a preservative that is effective yet gentle on the skin.

(main image: shubh propack)

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