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Amanda Olivia Lim, 29, is no stranger - you might have seen her pop up on your Instagram feed, or you could have seen her front the Her World Brides September 2019 issue, coming in first at the Coverbrides contest.


The fashion and lifestyle content creator (@manda.olivia) is also an artist, entrepreneur (at This One Day), and a working professional.


Accomplishing multiple things at once is no easy feat, and we’re amazed how she manages to pull it all together. Curious? Read on to find out, as we quiz the discerning creative on work, life and what she does to achieve such clear complexion.


 honest & gentle article on Amanda Olivia Lim (@manda.olivia) inspirational women series

on being in the public eye


honest & gentle: What inspired you to become a social media personality?

Amanda: I’ve never seen myself as a social media personality, to be honest. What motivates me to share about my life on Instagram is my passion for creating - be it taking photos or painting. I like looking back and recounting fond memories on my Instagram like it’s a photo album.



honest & gentle: How does it feel like being in the public eye?

Amanda: Being on a public account - I feel a strong sense of responsibility for the content I put out. I always want to value add to the people who invest time in me - be it online / offline.



 Amanda Olivia Lim work life

on work and life


honest & gentle: How do you juggle full-time work, IG content creation and creating your art pieces? 

Amanda: Prioritisation is key. When I can’t split my efforts to do everything, I focus on doing one thing, and make it good.



honest & gentle: Were there times you were burnt out? 

Amanda: Yes! There are definitely times when I feel burnt out. But I started This One Day as my escape to refresh and recharge so I usually run into that space to be productive whenever I experience that.



honest & gentle: Advice for people planning to have a side hustle?

Amanda: Make your hobby your side hustle to find joy in the job.



This One Day art by Amanda Olivia Lim

on art


honest & gentle: Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Amanda: I draw inspiration from music, nature and movement.



honest & gentle: What do you hope to convey? 

Amanda: I hope to convey a sense of escape and inspire moments of reflection.



honest & gentle article on Amanda Olivia Lim (@manda.olivia) inspirational women series 

on inspiration


honest & gentle: What's your motivation for the many endeavours you're pursuing concurrently?

Amanda: Continuous self-improvement.



honest & gentle: Who do you draw strength from? who do you want to become? 

I draw strength from my husband. I admire his hard work and perseverance. I believe we both push each other to become the best versions of ourselves. That’s who I want to become.



 @manda.olivia x honest & gentle natural skincare collaboration

on skincare


honest & gentle: What’s your skincare routine like? 

Amanda: My routine is pretty elaborate because I believe healthy skin is a reflection of your overall wellness. I have two skincare routines - morning and night. Both revolving around using toner, serum, moisturiser (and sunblock for the day)!



honest & gentle: Any skincare tips? 

Amanda: Everyone’s skin is different. Be sensitive to how your skin reacts to any new skincare you introduce to your regime. I usually cleanse, use toner, serum, then moisturise with sunblock after! this routine works well for my dry/combi skin.



Thank you, Amanda, for sharing these words of wisdom, and you have inspired us to do the things we love and go beyond. We're excited for what lies ahead of you and believe that you'll go far!


. . . . .


Amanda Olivia Lim with This One Day artwork

Instagram: @manda.olivia

This One Day's Instagram: @this.oneday

This One Day's Etsy Store: thisonedaystudio


(all images by Amanda Olivia Lim)

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