5 ways you can practise self-care

as cliché as it sounds, self-care is absolutely important.

today, especially, us women work hard, and we push ourselves to do more.

we juggle so many roles, from being a mother, to being a wife, to being a daughter, to being a friend, to being a girlfriend, to being a sister, to being a boss, to being a subordinate (and the list goes on)... we face a lot of demands and pressure.

yet, we are only human and we need some downtime too. and we have the responsibility for caring for ourselves, to sustain us. only when we care for ourselves will we have the ability and strength to care for others around.

to help get you started on your self-care journey, here are some ideas:


digital detox no phone switched off

(credit: pixabay)

1) go on a digital detox

pick a day to put anything digital away, when you would not touch your phone or any other device as much as possible, going back to the pre-Internet days. no social media, no comparisons, no distractions, no pressure.

what, then, could you do? perhaps enjoying a hardcopy book while sipping on some tea, journaling your thoughts or some calligraphy? the point is to unwind and relax, becoming more mindful and purposeful.


(credit: the gentleman stationer)

2) keep a gratitude journal

saying “thank you for...” is powerful. when we intentionally count our blessings, we realise how blessed we are.

try it - each day, write down one thing that you are thankful for. you can do it in the morning or at night, at the end of the day, and you will soon realise how powerful this exercise is on your mental well-being.

gratitude also cultivates mindfulness, which helps us regulate our emotions better, lower our stress levels, anxiety and depression. as we become more present in our day-to-day living, we also become more fulfilled in life.


relaxing bath to destress

3) treat your body to good stuff

pamper your hair with kiehl’s olive fruit oil deeply reparative hair mask that is made with natural ingredients and works really well for dry, damaged hair.

of course, your skin needs some TLC as well. how does soaking in a milk bath, sprinkled with rose petals, sound? after your bath or shower, be sure to apply some body lotion to lock in the moisture.

made with natural ingredients and cold-pressed quality oils, honest & gentle offers body moisturisers that hydrate your skin and strengthen its barrier, so it protects against cracks and irritants, and your skin is kept smooth. supercharge your skin’s protective abilities with ceramides in this bottle of anti-itch moisturising lotion.


(credit: fix & foxx)

you might also want to opt for more nutritious and wholesome food like fix & fogg’s handmade nut butters instead of the usual mass-produced, preservative-laden ones. also, in the name of health, consider trading your sugary drinks for the probiotic-rich kombucha like the raw, organic ones made by rok kombucha.

choose products that are healthy, natural and responsibly produced.

(credit: piqsels)

4) take a walk by the beach

be in quiet reflection as you enjoy the sea breeze and hear the sound of the gentle waves crashing. imagine that your troubles and cares are taken by the waves and washed out into the big ocean.

feel that sense of relief. experience that lightness.


(credit: pixabay)

5) put some music on

find yourself a cosy place and plug in to some calming music, or play it on the turntable. appreciate the lyrics and inflections, and recognise that it’s now a safe space where it’s just you and yourself. relish in the music, and allow yourself to get lost in it.

now, will you begin on your self-care journey?


(main image: andrea piacquadio)

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