bye, perfectionism

are you a perfectionist?

according to Forbes, you might well be one if you:

- expect everyone to be perfect,

- make mistakes, leading you to think you’re not enough,

- avoid doing things that may cause you to fail, and so on...

... sounds familiar? we’re all guilty of perfectionism to some degree, but what if we’re the extreme ones?

let’s put it all on the table: toiling for the perfect career, the perfect look, but trading in our close relationships, experiencing fatigue and burnouts... which is more worth it?

and, what if what’s perfect in our eyes may not be perfect to everyone else?

perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand - because some want things to be done perfect, they sit around waiting for the most opportune time and pass up on many wonderful opportunities.

sometimes, the best opportunities may not present themselves like they are - just like raw diamonds.

sure, COVID-19 may have caused some disruptions, but let’s continue moving and not put our hopes and dreams on hold. procrastination breeds procrastination.

how, then, do we break out of this? just do it, as Nike says, and do what feels right.

sometimes, we’ve got to accept that we’re just humans and cannot be perfect. the sooner we realise it, the sooner these chains come loose and the greater freedom we gain.

cut yourself and the people around some slack.


go, be bold and chase your dreams.


there is no better time than now.


(main image: bruno scramgnon)


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